This summer we had a pleasure to take a part of making music video for Via Tov band from Japan.

Via tov “Who You Are”


Who You Are’ video credits:

Starring: Pola Skrzypczyk, Ninel Skrzypczyk

Director: Yosuke Hosoi

Assistant Director: Andreea Dican

Choreographer: Kentaro Yoneda

Costume Design: FREE SISTERS

Musicians: Cello / Shuhei Ito Viola / Izumi Kawamura Violin / Mekaru Violin / Anzu Suhara E.Bass / Fumihito Araya

Special Thanks: Koki Hanafusa Finn Hoyt big turtle STUDIOS




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Summer time Boule

Evening boule game.




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Free Sisters Crowdfunding

Buy prints and help Free Sisters to show second collection on KID show in Pars


Last summer Free Sistres was born. And our first collection was shown on Playtime. Together with our 3 girls, Pola, Ninel and Milla, we visited Paris. It was a great experience. We have a very positive feedback.





Now, we have a chance to show a second Autumn Winter ’17 collection in Paris.

But we need a little help.

To get funds needed about 4000 euro, we have prepared special things to sell. All funds will be used to pay for fair, trip and stand on fair. We have already help from Paris based friends, they will let us all stay at their house! Thank you!

So if you need any photo prints please check what we offer in exchange for support. Any help and support will be a great.

Plaese note that they’re printed proofs and they’re not retouched so they can have small imperfections, like black or white specks or lines. Prints are 100 % handmade

When you click an image, it will open the picture in a new tab, larger sized.

Prints 1-15 are made on Ilford Multigrade Classic fiber based glossy paper, size: 24×30,5 cm – 9 1/2 x 12 in

€90,00 + shipping

Ninel, print nr 1.

Pola, print nr 2

Ninel, print nr 3

Ninel, Milla and Pola, print nr 4

Ninel, print nr 5

Ninel and Milla, print nr 6

Ninel, print nr 7

Ninel, print nr 8

Pola, print nr 9

Ninel, print nr 10

Pola, print nr 11

Milla, print nr 12

Milla, print nr 13

Pola and Ninel, print nr 14

Milla, print nr 15


Prints 16-23 are made on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone fiber based glossy paper, size: 20,3×25,4 cm – 8×10 in

€70,00 + shipping

Pola, print nr 16

Milla, print nr 17

Ninel, print nr 18

Milla, print nr 19

Pola, print nr 20

Ninel, print nr 21

Ninel, print nr 22

Ninel, print nr 23

Print 24 is made on Ilford Multigrade Classic fiber based glossy paper, size: 40,6×50,8 cm – 16 x 20 in

€190,00 + shipping

Ninel, print nr 24

Prints 25-27 are made on Ilford Multigrade Classic fiber based glossy paper, size: 50,8 x 61 cm – 20 x 24 in

€250,00 + shipping

Milla, print nr 25

Ninel, print nr 26

Pola, print nr 27

50,8 x 61 cm – 20 x 24 in image size:

Please contact us at

Thank you!

Patka, apasz and girls

PS Help spread the word! 🙂

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Milk Magazine and Cloud bag

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FreeSisters on LadneBebe

Thank you LadneBebe for nice words.

It was great surprise for us.



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Playtime Paris

Last summer Freesiters visited Playtime Paris with first collection.  And Ma-Serendipite blog wrote about Freesiters.




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Welcome to Free Sisters Blog!


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